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Add washer and dryer

2002 Holiday Rambler Presidential 30’ TT ; REALLY would like to add washer and dryer inside TT but, have no idea how to begin! Household dryer require 220 outlets. Will I need to rewire to accommodate dryer? Any suggestions, experience , direction is GREATLY appreciated!! Thank you!!

For that small of a RV, I would highly recommend a combo washer and drier like the Splindide 2100XC. Smaller and less weight.

A few of the larger RVs can be converted so that a 240-volt drier can be used.

More than likely your HR is 30 amp, so you are stuck using 120-volt appliances.

Does your TT have water and drain connections for a washer/drier is a starting point. If not, how will you get water, power and drain connection to the location?

Another point is you want an outside vented drier, so it will need to have an access to an outside wall for the vent.

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Have you considered the added weight of the W/D and the size of your grey tank?

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It doesn't even have to be Splendide units - we have a Whirlpool washer and dryer in our fifth wheel. They are 120VAC apartment-sized and stackable. You not only need to consider electrical supply, but plumbing water to the washer and getting a drain from the washer to one of the gray tanks. If your TT is not prepped for W/D or doesn't have a proper space, it would be quite an undertaking. If you're not full-time, it's probably not worth it.

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There are several brands of 120 vac RV washers and dryers and washer/dryer combo units. We had a Splendide washer/dryer combo in our 5er for 14 years. Wife loved it.

If your TT has washer/dryer hookups, it is easy. If not then you will need first to find a place for it. (RVs that are washer/dryer ready have a closet with plumbing and electrical already installed.) After finding a place you will need to plumb water and sewer to it and electrical. Not a simple task.

Travel trailer or fifth wheel? Does it have a space for one? If it does is the space for a combo stack-able? Is trailer 50 amp service? Is it pre-wired for one? At that age most likely has only 110 volt wiring. Most rv combo units are 110 volt.