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Question on switching to LiFePO4 batteries.

I'm going to replace my 2 lead acid batteries in my Bigfoot truck camper with two 100ah LiFePO4 batteries. I've previously installed a 4 way battery selector switch to allow me to keep one of my batteries at a high enough charge level to start my ge...

Repair Cabinets

Had a leak around my Fantastic Fan which resulted in mold on a couple of the lower solid wood cabinet doors. Also have some damage to the very thin veneer on a lower cabinet. Would appreciate suggestions for repairs: Paint all the cabinets in the gal...

Ram 5500 Front End Alignment Issue

My new 2022 Ram 5500 has never felt like its aligned properly. The steering wheel is canted to the right a bit. I have called three ram dealers, two of which sell commercial trucks. None have a rack big enough to align a 5500. This is in Oklahoma. A...

Reico Titan Electric Jack Crank Cap Alternatives?

I ordered the jack refresh kit from Reico Titan. The kit comes with crank caps which are the caps that go over the hole where one can use a socket to raise/lower the jack manually in an emergency.The caps do not fit on my powerheads. I've contacted...

EricCO by Explorer II
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Twisted Receiver Square

I was in process of buying a new Chevy Silverado when i noticed that the receiver square was not parallel with the bumper and/or the ground. I estimate that it was off 1/4" from level for the 2" receiverSee pictures. I plan on towing a 25 foot travel...

Jayco 23B?

Hey all, I'm looking for a nice little Hybrid as a 2nd camper and really like the layout of the Jayco 23B. Of course, I've been reading here for a while, and saw all the issues with the AC/TPO Roofs etc on the 2004-2007 model years.. I'd like to kn...

Fender Flares

Hey Guys ... Am trying to find Fender Flares for a Canyon, Elevation.Seems like every vehicle shows up but the Canyon. Altho, the 2020 shows up and available, that' where it stops at most Suppliers - others go all the way to 2023 ... I according to ...

monkey44 by Nomad II
  • 8 replies

Help making a decision on truck purchase.

I am thinking of buying a new truck to pull our winnebago micro Minnie 5th wheel. We currently have a 2006 gmc 2500 . I’d like to go with a smaller truck for gas mileage and was thinking of a Toyota Tundra or GMC 1500 4x4. While the trailer is fairl...

Trailer Toad

I’m one of those guys who looks at Craigslist every day to see what my neighbors are selling. This Trailer Toad was listed and caught my attention. So I quickly did some research online about it and bought it. I have an older truck in excellent co...

Washing the exterior of our TT

Hi All,We bought our TT last year and it's in need of a bath! Before I begin getting the dirt off, I wanted to see what people use to wash their RVs. I usually use dish soap when washing my truck but wanted to make sure that was not too abrasive for ...

Hot water heater question .....

So I got my fridge question answered and now on to the hot water heater. Our trailer was advertised with a gas only hot water heater. Upon investigation it has a breaker in the back and a plug under the sink labeled for the hot water heater and the ...

Oreonut by Explorer
  • 10 replies

Truck tires

I've had very bad luck with tires on my dually due to separation issues. I'm only getting 15k to 20k before this happens and 3.5 to 4 years. I only have the camper on the truck about 3500 miles a year, and the truck is always in the garage if the cam...

GTO66 by Explorer II
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