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New TT

Hi,So finally pick up my new TT (2013 Jayco Jayflight Swift 264BH) last week... with my Dodge Ram 2012 Sport.And went to our maiden voyage this past weekend...The WD hitch was doing is job perfectly and had no issue towing it to my camping ground. F...

haggus75 by Explorer
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2012 Toyota Tundra 5.7 SR5 Towing Package

Hello, we have just purchased a new Toyota Tundra to pull our 25 foot Avion TT that weighs 7800 lbs (gross), We tried using tow haul switch and it seems to change back and forth even with a small hill. We have the6-speed automatic sequential shift....


hello out there - new member here and new to rving. have a f150 xlt v8 pulling a 24 ft. tt. we are thinking of getting a friction sway control bar. are those worth it? the cost for a reese dual cam or equalizer is far greater, but is there a signif...

is it hard for a novice to repack bearings???

im lost with this. 2011 featherlite 17.. im not sure if the bearings have ever been done. im no mechanic and don't pretend to be.LOL. is this a simple diy job or a job for a rv place to handle? Im assuming after 2-3 years that I should have them redo...

I never said I was smart

Because I was going back and forth a lot from home to the TT, I bike-chained my 8' fiberglass ladder to the rear bumper. Long story short, when I went to pull the trailer I heard a strange noise from the back. Ladders without wheels do not make goo...

PapaJim by Explorer
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TC's w/ Fold Out Extra Bed in Cabover

I see that Northstar offers a Fold Out Extra Bed in Cabover option. Do any other manufactures have this option on a hard side TC?,Jason

clearance lights

tyring to figure out why they don't work. i am getting power to all of the clearance lights but the bulbs don't light up, all wiring seems to be correct as i am getting power. any help with why the lights don't shine? my brake lights work fine and al...

Going to look at new 1500 crew cabs today

Tired of looking at all the junk around here used. Heck, they want $25k for 75-100k mile later model stuff. I'm seeing Chevys at $31k, Nissan Titans at $28-31k, Fords are 8-12K off. I would have to trade my Mazdaspeed3, which I'll take a few thous...

Stclairm by Explorer
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Older tow vehicles

I was just curious as to whether many folks use older trucks to tow their rigs. The price of new trucks is far beyond our means. Thus far I have had good results with my older Dodge that I have $8,000 in.

80R100RT by Explorer
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Layton Skyline #237

hello,kind of new to form.I had a question,how good are layton skyline tt's i have searched and found know one talking about this trailer. Bought it used it is 2012 model #237 dry weight 4200 max weight is 6200. my tv is a 2012 f150 crew cab 5.0 .any...

srg12 by Explorer
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Bearing Seals

I'm about to repack the bearings on our Rockwood 8318SS and I have a question.In the past I have just bought new seals locally and they were "matched up" by size at the store.The seals are quite a bit cheaper at and they have standard li...

HDTV antenna anyone???

i tried out an HDTV antenna (boosted) from a tv store and it only got me 4 channels. i started to look into them and found the jack antenna with good reviews. thinking about getting one for my pup.anyone try this product? anyone in general cut int...

tsanjose by Explorer
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bronco 800 on 2003 tundra

We will be taking off for an extended road trip in our "home on wheels"in the next few weeks. The question is this: is the Bronco 800 usable OFF the truck, ie, standing on its "legs"? We're wondering if we can establish our camp and then use the truc...

hooksmee by Explorer
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Mounting a LCD TV on the wall

HelloI have a 2010 Keystone Passport and I was wondering if anyone has mounted a TV on the wall. I would like to mount one on the back wall for the rear bunks. Has anyone done it and how did you find something to screw into?Thanks for the helpIan

ianmac23 by Explorer
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