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Hard tasting water

The RV Park I am returning to soon for four months, has very bad tasting water. Is there anything I can put on my RV that will make the water less harsh tasting?

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Explorer II

pricey but will do 5000 gallons of water between filter changes. Once a month remove carbon filters, clean them with a scotchbrite type cloth and re install. We have one in our home and families homes.
They make a smaller version. Brita filters did not last for me, smelled like shrimp after a while. BTW, I cook with Berkey water so there is 2 gallons available and I have a smaller version upstairs.

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Explorer II
Been living with terrible NM water for far too long. I don't drink the water. I don't cook with it. I don't brush my teeth with it. The overly high "acceptable" arsenic levels disturb me. Typically my filter system is a permanent spin down sediment filter followed by a 0.5 micron filter (one that removes guardia cysts and some pesticides) because I live in a farming community on tested well water. For drinking/cooking water, I buy RO filtered water at 25¢ per gallon. I have four 3 gallon jugs for us and four 1 gallon jugs for the dog's water. When we get down to 1 jug, the empties go along with us to town and get filled at one of the MANY water dispensers in town.

Since the water here is so hard (lime/calcium? It eats metal), I only use liquid soaps & detergents. I add a 1/2 cup of baking soda with every laundry load to the HE washer to try to keep it clean between monthly deep clean cycles. I just toss it in after doing a load. It keeps the washer fresh and the baking soda is ready to do a load of laundry.

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The Camco filters won't take care of bad tastes. Brita is a cult (they quit letting Consumer Reports test their products because of inconsistent results not meeting the claims of the manufacturer). The best advice above is to put a separate filter underneath your kitchen counter with a spigot on top and use this filter cartridge:


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Bobbyg2013 wrote:
The RV Park I am returning to soon for four months, has very bad tasting water. Is there anything I can put on my RV that will make the water less harsh tasting?

Since you are parked for 4 months you have some options, first it helps to know what the water issue is. Bad taste means different things to different folks. And what the use needs are, just drinking water or the whole camper?

They do sell portable water softeners that do the whole camper. I have a full timer friend who winters in AZ and she complains about the hard water. She has had the smallest of the "On The Go" portable units. She has used it for the last 6 years now, I just changed the resin in it for her.

She is by herself so the water use is lower. It may take a few months before a regen. They make larger units which go more gallons and longer between regenerations. The On the Go uses common table salt for regenning. The size of the unit helps guide how many gallons you go between regens. A small family uses less then a larger family etc.

The water softener removes the scale that can build up big time in your water heater from hard water and it filters out other contamination but it has a limit pending what you want to filter out. Hard water from a well does have a different taste then municipal water.

The water softener does the entire camper water system so you get the benefit of showering with the soft water, the black tank, washing dishes etc. You will use a fraction of the soap with soft water, so heads up when you switch to start real slow with the soap. You may find you might still need a point of use (at the faucet) for drinking water.

From my water background in industry and camping, any water that goes in my fresh tank other then from home, I filter it before putting it in the camper. Pending the water quality, I can use a 100 micron carbon filter (throw away canister) in series with a 3 micron ceramic carbon cleanable filter before it goes in the tank. Here in OH, iron in the water is big, and it creates a taste. I have to use the 2 stage filtration at certain camps as the iron will plug the 3 micron in less then a tank full. Each area has its issues, we have limestone in the ground, other areas are on shale and sulfur water is more common there then iron.

We do go out for 1 to 2 months at a time, camp hopping. I am looking into the portable water softener. I still will pre-filter before the softener with the 100 micron unit to keep the big chunks out pf the softener. Campgrounds with old pipes and spring time creates a lot of stuff coming down the pipe. The filters will take out taste and particles of stuff, but you are still dealing with the scale in the water heater and all over the faucets.

RO filtering was mentioned, it will take out the scale and most anything else. It too has such a pure taste you have to get use to it, we have it on the sink at home and we love it, after we got use to it. RO works well as a point of use filter, like drinking water at the sink, or filling a water jug outside. I have not yet found a large enough, practical RO unit for a camper to do the entire camper or that would not eat up (corrode) the water heater from the high purity water. RO filtration is so fine and pure, you have to store it in a tank at the slow constant filtration rate to get a usable quantity of water flow of water from it. And there is a reject water stream that comes from the system. The RO splits the pure water from the rest and the rest goes to drain, in industry we call it reject water or 2nd stage. So you do not get all the water, just the first stage really pure good water. At the sink may be made to work, taking a shower with it, gets real complicated fast. Filling water jugs outside from a portable RO unit could work.

Hope this helps

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When Dad was going to a CG that had bad tasting water he would fill the tank with known good water. Then use tank only for drinking to make as long as could

Please tell where in the world you are going to, and what the hD taste is. Iron, Sulpher,Calcium each have different treatments.
For athe short term purified RO in your jug is as little as $1 / gal.

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We do the generic Camco filter, if that's insufficient then we carry a Britta pitcher, if that's not enough we carry 5 gallons of emergency water in a container and can use that until we can get to better water, bottled water, or a better filter system (most likely we'd grab a backpacking filter and fill the Nalgene bottles we always have with us). If it was for 4 months I'd invest in a 3 stage filtering system and put it before the intake.
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culligan makes a nice filtered water spout sink mounted with an option for multiple grades of filters including some with carbon filters. For us it has worked well, but we also haven't been to places with real bad tasting water.

Another option is a brita pitcher filter.

And then there is buying bottled water.
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Your best bet would be a carbon filter on the kitchen faucet.