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Here's a list of stand up hard sided campers under 1400lbs.

Explorer II
Explorer II

Many everyday vehicles can tow only 2000lbs or less.  I compiled this for myself but figured maybe others would like it.  Its not totally accurate since there are many different dry weights, prices, reviews and problems listed on the internet for the same campers, so check my work.   Sure these are very small and will probably not be enjoyable if more than 2 people use them, but for single folks, it should be enough. 

There's a whole bunch of canvas pop ups and low profile campers with an interior height of less than 6'0".  I'm sure those are nice, but I'm 5'11" (with my shoes off) and really want to stand up, plus I'm just not a fan of canvas. 

Using a 2000lbs towing limit vehicle, Its my opinion you should stay under 1200lbs dry weight.  After the 300lbs of personal stuff, towing 1500lbs might be too hard to control or too hard on the drivetrain. 

Maybe I'm asking too much out of a camper, but it looks like there's a good amount of these on the market.  Hope this helps.

small campers.jpg



Navigator II
Navigator II

Wow I never thought there would be so many small trailers.

2001 Suburban 4x4. 6.0L, 4.10 3/4 ton **** 2005 Jayco Jay Flight 27BH **** 1986 Coleman Columbia Popup

My wife and I have a Venture VRB 190. It's 23'3" 3,800lbs dry. Our pull vehicle is a 2016 Ford Explorer platinum 3.5 ecoboost.  We average 11mpg. Just got back from a long trip of 5,600 miles or so, hitting some of 13 states. I'm extremely pleased with both the travel trailer and car. I had the 3rd row seat removed and added the recommended brace. No problems on the 5 week odyssey.