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Slide not fully extending

On our third outing and it looks like one of slides is not fully extending. Motor loads down and stops at what looks to be about 1/2 inch from being fully out.
DW spotted this because one of the kitchen drawers is slightly rubbing on the trim.
Pulled slide in and out several times and it did not help.
Is there a way to adjust the out & in limits of the system, or does it rely on the operator to stop the process once motor loads up.
Battery full and on shore power.
Slide appears to be running fine and not dragging during extension or retraction.
Trailer is a Keystone Cougar

Someone may answer but they may want to know what model or what type of slide mechanism it uses. I have an old style slide that is above the floor. I had a problem with one of the cabinet doors popping open just enough to drop a box of instant rice in the cavity at the end of the slide and it was smashing it. I believe my next problem started when I hit one of those dips on I 10 in Louisiana on the swamp bridge. It slammed so hard that the next time I set up the closet door latch was off just enough that it wouldn't drop in the hole.

About the same time the top rear corner of the 14 foot slide was catching on the edge of the opening and wouldn't go in all the way. I just now came in from trying to adjust the slide forward just a little and it seems ok now. After adjusting it back and forth I now believe it just slapped it so hard that it jumped back. It's a pretty cheesy set up when you start looking at it. My next problem is that they use the head of a 3/8 inch bolt to stop against the edge of a thin sheet metal bracket and it jumped past it and started to bend and rip the inside face boards off at the bottom. I reinforced the bottom edges inside and welded a more substantial stop bracket and bolt.

So.....I would go under neath and observe the mechanism as your helper works the switch. Obviously watch where you put your fingers. It may have a stop bolt or bracket or it could be cables which I have never had the privilege to mess with, thank God. One way or the other you will probably find that this is some very half a stuff.