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Kind of like a radio station that goes quiet, this forum is just "dead air"Where is everyone?
heading to Utah 10.26. Need to do an overnight stop somewhere near Vegas. Will probably just be stop, eat, sleep. No need for spot, just stop. Any suggestions? We've never been the Walmart camping type but have stayed in rest area or pulled off into ...
had really crappy brakes and have not been able to get it in for warranty. Wasn't sure if it was truck or trailer until I towed my son's trailer last month and all was good. Pulled break away and wheels seemed to lock OK so figured it was somewhere f...
bought this and an inverter from Best Converter:clickyI'm not clear on how to wire it. I have 50 amp 4 wire service and a 2,000 watt 3 wire inverter. My thinking is the circuit where the inverter lands gets the "jumper" between the two hot legs, then...
First major mod of new 5er was to upgrade to two GC-2 batteries. Took some careful measurements and did some searching, could not find anything ready made that would fit the space and the larger cased batteries. Discovered the box they put the single...