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There was a website that had a list of what channels were on which satellite. For example 259 is located on sat 119. I can't find that website.I called Dish yesterday and they emailed me a link that was dead 404.Does anyone know of a website that wil...
My 130°F thermo switch that controls the fans on the outside of my absorption fridge failed. I temporarily wired a mechanical switch in its place until I can get a replacement thermo switch. Any problem leaving the fans on in 90° weather while travel...
I had to replace my landing gear switch and plate and still need to replace the battery vent and reseal all of it.How do I remove the old sealant without scratching the fiberglass siding? Will acetone clean this off?
My regulator failed and I need a replacement. The Watts are up to ~$150 now. Has anyone had any luck with these cheap RV Guard regulators or something similar in this price range? There are several that look identical. All the reviews on the differen...
My FW came with a vent fan for the in-slide fridge. This fan is controlled by a thermo switch mounted on the fridge tube.The only markings I find on the switch is 36TX22.Searches come up with RVs using anything between 130°F to 150°F close temp. Whi...
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