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We are getting ready to go full time in the very near future. I have a short RV Queen mattress in my rig. It is impossible to find sheets to fit it that don't cost a fortune (in comparison to regular sheets) or are not very good quality. So, when I b...
Anybody out there with a Jayco Class C that has trouble with the dash clock on the radio draining the house battery when it's in storage? Should I just disconnect the battery or is there a way to turn off the clock? I hate to disconnect it because we...
We are getting ready to load the RV with the necessities for our Labor Day weekend at the beach. I am not looking forward to the packing process. When I am lugging bags, and laundry baskets, of supplies out of the house, is when one of the benefits o...
I have a co-worker who is in terrible need of assistance. She has told a few of us, in confidence, that she has $5 in her checking account and no food in her house. Another co-worker brought her a deer tenderloin and some ground deer, so she is taken...
I understand that the battery disconnect switch located beside the door on my C is for the house battery. Does this affect anything if you are hooked up to shore power? Should we turn it off when we're not on battery power?