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A spring project I have in mind is to upgrade the OEM power wire between the battery and converter to a larger gauge. I think it is currently 8 gauge and I want to upgrade to 4 gauge. The OEM setup is a long positive wire from 12V panel in the camp...
My solar charge controller has a diversion load feature where excess current can be diverted to a load once batteries are full. The manual discusses using a water heater element and this sounds like a clever way to do something with excess solar har...
I recently did some battery wiring maintenance on my TT and it occurred to me that I don't see where the emergency trailer brake gets its power. I mean the emergency pin that gets pulled out should you have a trailer separate from the tow vehicle tha...
Hello,My batteries are on the tongue of my TT and my inverter and solar controller are in the front pass through storage. Both are wired individually to the batteries with large gauge wiring. My 10-year old janky wiring needs maintenance/replacemen...
Hello. I am a long time TT owner but have been brainstorming about what I might like to do in the future. We 100% boondock off grid in dispersed spots and I like the idea of how much more we would have access to if I wasn't towing the camper but ca...
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