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Just wondering if somthing is broke in the truck camper forum as the start a conversation button is grey and won't let you start a post where every other forum it is green and works fine. Steve
I have noticed today the down side of this new forum setup, companies can log on as a visitor and post to solicit sales on threads.  was this the intention of Good sam or is it an oversite and if so can it be locked down.
so before I got my old username fixed and sorted out I was using a alrenate name through the good same long in and it gave me the ability to remember my name and password and log me in as soon as I click on it.   this doesnt happe through the rv net ...
so I want to upgrade the old camper to be able to have 110 power also since I have 300AH to play with now, so I was going to ass a inverter.   well looking around at inverters for almost the same cost I cna get a all in one from renogy for about 100 ...
well since there are some people that think if you look at your LFP batteries the wrong way that they're going to die, here is a good video with some insight on how much you have to baby them