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Someone please explain to this dumb old farmer where to find anything on this new & “improved” page. The ‘old’ page was well laid out and intuitive, this just looks like everything got dumped in one big yuppie feel good bucket. 
Was I the lucky winner or did others also receive a PM from member “wee5” who shows as a 1 day member named “Jay Nkem”.The message said “ Hey I love the forum and wanted to help the community out by sharing a free pdf that helped me, what is your nam...
As I wait in line to cross the border from New Brunswick into Maine I can’t help but to think of all of those ‘in the rear view mirror’ as the storm approaches. My thoughts and prayers are with you as this storm of epic proportions approaches, I tru...
I will readily admit, I’m not a battery expert, let alone AGM batteries. I have a (to me) real puzzler, maybe it’s just chemistry I don’t understand. I have a ‘powersports’ battery, an ETX20L if it maters, that reads 12.5 volts at rest but drops to 0...
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