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............Been trying to find a Plug-in Power meter to measure Kw hr consumption for a 50 amp connection ! I found a 30 Amp meter called The "Meter Maid" that connects up in series with a 30 amp RV power cord , but absolutely nothing for 50 amp ser...
...........I plan on installing a window unit a\c in a slide out window ! My greatest concern is coming up with a temporary , water proof cover to prevent any water infiltration while I'm cutting the plywood covers for both inside and outside the sli...
.......I'm doing property monitoring on a small tract that will be developed into a RV storage facility ! The septic drain line is several inches higher than the 3 inch drain outlet on my 5'ver ! So , I'm trying to find a source for one of those mace...
.......Has anyone filed a claim on their Auto insurance to repair their bed after a 5th. wheel fell on it ? If , the ins. fixed the damage , would it be covered by the collision or the Comp coverage ? thanks , jf
..........I have 2-40# propane tanks , both connected to a transfer switch ! When one tank empties , the indicator goes red and I mechanically switch over too the other tank . So , one tank ran out on Sunday , I switch over to the full tank , but ind...