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Looks like I may have leak on the top of my gray water tank ... likely at the junction where it connects to rig. Haven't a clue what kind of connection that is or how to fix. I discovered this when I had a bad sensor and decided to fill the gray wa...
While working under RV I noted a tiny water leak which I eventually traced down to the T outlet valve of the FW tank. One end of the T goes to the water pump the other to the drain plug. Looks like I need to find a replacement valve but I haven't h...
I live in area where it occasionally gets cold enough for freezing damage to be a legit issue - so I winterize the rig every year - which includes dumping the FW tank. But I would really like to leave the FW tank full of water until it gets cold e...
Furnace has gotten louder - hard to describe but like something is loose and vibrating when fan motor is running. I took the outside cover off and didn't' see anything obvious - the fan doesn't appear to be hitting anything and moves fine by hand - ...