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I am trying to reach out to see if anybody is in Pine Bluff WY?A fellow Veteran on FB is broke down with brakes locked up and 2 blown tires.Needs tools or flatbed.Has 30' RV.That's all I know for now.
Has anyone used the Cap Concrete Blocs to use as a Pad to park the trailer on?I wanted to make it big enough to just put the tires on and off the grass.Cap Concrete 3.6" x 7.6" x 15" wideOr they have the Concrete pavers 12" x 12" Square.Clicky Lowe's...
Trying to change the picture on the Start Up Screen to just One Picture.Currently it keeps rotating to a Windows chosen picture and I want to turn that off and just put my own picture without their rotating pictures.Went to Settings / Personalization...
Would like to know the best route from the Pittsburgh airport (not towing).I-376 East to I-76 South East (Turnpike)OR....I-376 East to I-79 South to I-70 East to I-76 East (Turnpike)Was not sure how traffic is on I-376 through the downtown Pittsburgh...
Not sure where to post this. Our Coroplast, stiff plastic, underbelly is sagging in the middle and laying on top of our axles.How do we go about putting a brace across there, or screwing it back up?We do not want to accidently put a screw in the hol...