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Just for the heck of it, here is the only real one-ton single rear wheel pickup ever made that is NOT just a 3/4 ton with a different sticker on it. The 1973 to 1979 Ford F-350 Super Camper Special. Not just the common “Camper Special” but the Super ...
Have you guys seen this? After seeing the price it looks more like an April fools joke. They seem to act like the idea of a truck camper is revolutionary. Loki camper
So I’ve got a theory... Deep cycle batteries are designed to slowly discharge low current for a long time. Starting batteries are designed to put out high current for short periods. Generally, people use deep cycle batteries in their RV. Well, the ma...
I’ve always thought part of the reason to have a truck camper is because you already have a truck anyway. From reading here I’ve gotten the impression a lot of people buy a truck to do nothing but carry a camper. Is that really common? Seems like a h...
I’ve always read that Happijacs are junk. One thing I wasn’t happy about on my new Northern Lite was its got ‘em. It’s onjy been used a few times, it’s a 2017, and one has already failed. A lot of people cursed with these things actually carry a spar...