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I've finally gotten into cast iron cooking. And I want to do it over a fire when we're camping.What do you do about the black soot that coats the outside of the pan? Do you just clean it off? And - how?Or do you have a special pan that is always gett...
Looking for the best route to go from Spruce Knob in West Virginia to Deep Creek Lake in Maryland.Google Maps sends me up 28 (and 33) turning left with 33, turning right on 32, up to 219. My Garmin sends me up 28 (and 33) turning left much further on...
I'm still new to this anode rod business as we've always had an Atwood water heater...So tell me - is this normal and should it be replaced now?We're afraid that it will keep getting thinner at that one spot and then fall off in the water heater. Is ...
How often do you change your oil if you use full synthetic oil? We have a Chevy 6.0 gasoline engine. We are putting Mobil 1 synthetic oil into it and are finding differing requirements. Some say go by miles, others say if you don't put on that many m...
What is your favorite travel board game? So far all we play is Rummy with cards - looking into Parcheesi or something similar that folds up smallish for travel. We like to play at the picnic table in the evenings - with a fire, or not...Any ideas?