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Anyone have a solution to the issue where you open your RV door and the screen stays closed because that little clip that holds the screen door to the main door gets loose?Talking about the item on the left in this picture.I tried to epoxy the little...
Hey guys, a friend of mine owns this camper and I am helping her out fixing it up. Wasn't winterized in CT, so you can imagine.Anyway, where is the converter? Looked all over, can't find it anywhere. Nothing on google saying where it is.The screen do...
I did a quick search for a suction light that I can direct onto my grill at night. I would suction it to the side of my rig, and angle it properly.Anyone have a link for a light for night grilling?
A while back my washer/dryer combo started to make the clothes smell like mold. After a cycle, they just smelled. Never used to do this, used it for 2 years.Tried vinegar, bleach, oxy, O3 water, and every solution I could find on the interwebs. Final...
Hey all, seems my converter went. I have LiFePO4 batteries and was wondering if I need a special converter, or if any 100a will do? Do I need one with a charge profile or something?.