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We've never had a TH, but have been thinking of adding one to the fleet. Any issues/considerations specific to Toy Haulers that i should look out for? (prob looking at a shorter TT or 5er.)
Do you get the annual vehicle inspection for all your on-road vehicles or just blow it off? I'm betting that those of you that dont see much of TX just blow it off.
I searched back into last year but didnt find any discussion on this so i thought i'd start a new thread.Have any of you fulltimers been called for Jury Duty and how did that go. In my home county, they are VERY lenient with excuses, especially for o...
I gotta tell you guys, i am totally disgusted with the RV industry right now. We are wanting to buy a new TT for which the last model manufactured was last year (2019). There are some in stock around the country, apparently, but i cant seem to get an...
I've been at this RV thing for a while now and it is my impression that (proportionally) there is a lot more warranty work done on TTs as opposed to 5ers and MHs. And less to a MH than a 5er. This makes sense as more money spent seems to = better bui...