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I have been trying to figure out what batteries to use on a 2800 watt Outback inverter, I was planning six Lifeline GPL 30HT for a total of 900ah. I started looking a Battle born and think I have decided to go with LiFeP04 batteries, I basically have...
I am getting ready to install a Outback VFXR2812 inverter, it is going in an enclosure and needs ventilation. Those of you with an enclosed inverter what are you using for a cooling fan? The inverter can support up to a .7 amp draw for the fan.
I am getting ready to purchase six lifeline batteries and can’t find anyone local to get them from. Anyone purchased batteries online recently, how did it go?
I am installing an inverter system on my truck, it has two separate battery boxes that will hold three Lifeline GPL-30HT each for a total of six, one box will vent to the other and then that box vents to the outside of the cab, What size vent should...
What is a max amp draw for a pair of Trojan T105s? I am trying to figure out wire sizing.