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What will it mean?
https://www.nyalic.com/This popped up in a post and thought it would be nice to have some more info on it.Have YOU used it?Do you have a Photo?Does it Work?Did you spray or Roll?What prep was needed?I've got a number of Pealing issues at the Roof-lin...
“You can't travel the back roads very long without discovering a multitude of gentle people doing good for others with no expectation of gain or recognition. The everyday kindness of the back roads more than makes up for the acts of greed in the head...
Looks like we might try to spend a month or so in Lake City, CO - Talk to me about where to stay.I have been before but did not stay in the town - Love it though IMHO it might be one of the last of the Undiscovered spots in Colorado? Well not Estes ...
Anyone in a National Park Campground? Open or Closed?Sort of says it all - not Opinions NEEDED. If you are in a CG let us Know what the status is.REAL LIFE - beats BS everytime.Just would like to Know,Edit info - http://www.wta.org/news/signpost/if-t...