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We are now a dog owner and would consider bringing her on next camping trip. Question for all: is it considered acceptable to leave dog in trailer while we are away?Windows and vents will be open, curtains drawn, propane will be turned off. Where I t...
Hi, we want to upgrade our sofa. Would like something better than the original junk, and would like wall-hugging recliner if possible. The trouble is, nothing standard from Jordans and similar will fit through the door or window.So are there any spec...
Consensus on best aftermarket rear view camera system? With 2 cameras: one on rear of truck and one on back of trailer and a switch on the monitor to view either one. Lots of choices feeling overwhelmed
Heng's rubber roof coating is the most recommended roof coating in this forum, and has very good reviews online. So I decided to try it for my aging rubber roof (16 years) which was still intact but starting to show a lot of black underlayer.So on a ...
Recently broke my wrist and couldn't drive. Luckily friends back home came out the 90 miles and We got truck and trailer home. If I was far from home though? The convenience of calling a work-anywhere phone number for: - Mechanical breakdown: repair...