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SO we're planning a trip to Moab, UT the end of April coming from the east. I'm hearing that it's not unusual to get snow at that time of year and I-70 may be closed then. Any comments?
So the new TT has an outside kitchen and 115VAC dorm fridge. If I'm using the fridge I assume the access door for the kitchen must be open to ventilate the fridge?
I'd like to install a dimmer for the interior lights. I have the control panel and wiring exposed but the (-) side of the lights wasn't run to the panel. I do have a ground wire available.Does anybody know of a dimmer that switches the positive side ...
All the mapping software and GPS I try routes you on I-90, then I-87, then I-90 again around Albany. Any reason not to stay on I-90 all the way through?
I'm still toying with adding solar to alleviate running the genny every day. But since out favorite no-hookup sites are shaded, what % of rated output can I expect from a 24V panel and MPPT controller? Can I get 50 watts out of a 200W panel?