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George and Ms. Tioga

Does anybody know what became of George and Ms. Tioga? Our beloved George was always a mainstay of Mexican travelers and his blog was followed by hundreds - even many who never ventured south of the border. George's last entry in the fall of 2013 was...

Sacramento to Redondo Beach, CA?

I'll be taking 99 to the 5 to the 405. What time and day would anyone suggest for this trip? My brother was just down there and said the traffic has gotten horrid! Kinda thinking on leaving Sac on Friday or Saturday at like 10 at night getting me dow...

Going Through Navojoa, Sonora

We have driven to Jalisco several times with our truck and 5th wheel. We have always been told by others to use the Periferico (truck route) to go around Navojoa. This is a longer route with horrible roads. Do others take this route or simply driv...

Toll road to Mazatlan

Does anyone have any current reports on what the road conditions are? Is there damage and flooding from Norma?

Big_C by Explorer
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US 50 construction update

FYI: US 50 between Montrose and Gunnison, CO the construction will continue into June 2024. Not sure what the delays will be but check out US50info.com for the latest information before planning to travel through this area. 

Best route from Scranton to Bar Harbor

We’re up from Florida staying the night just north of Scranton. Looking for the best route to Acadia. Would like to avoid big cities and expensive tolls yet keeping in mind we’re in a class A with a tow. Any advice greatly appreciated.

89A Flagstaff to Sedona...

Had a nice ride from our home In Payson up 87 to Lake Mary Road and on into Flagstaff. After lunch at our favorite burger joint we headed down 89A through Oak Creek Canyon and on through Sedona. The length limits have changed quite a bit over the la...

LA Transit Alternatives

Daughter headed south on I 5 with 34' 5er horse trailer and horse to Temecula. This may be late afternoon on Sunday 10/29. I've recommended 5, 210, 15. What about 210, 57, 71, 91,15?I also recommended 5, 46, 99, 58, 395, 15, 215 which avoids part of...

Travel to see Redwood Trees in California

On my personal bucket list is to see giant redwood trees in California over the next couple years. I need some recommendations of where and when to go?Yosemite Redwood's vs. Sequoia National Park - anyone have recommendations or pictures to share?Wha...

Liard Trail

Does anyone know, is the Liard Trail paved past the NW Territories boundary to Fort Liard, or does it switch to gravel right at the border?Thanks,

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