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getting thru Atlanta

I know this has been asked many times---When is the best time to drive thru Atlanta on I 75? Is there an easy by-pass?
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Best time is Sunday morning around 9AMish > South to North, watch the lane markers and signs. The Downtown Connector splits back into I75 and I85 as you pass the major buildings downtown.
North to South > Keep toward the center lanes. For some reason the far left lanes will exit up a very short ramp and dead end to a left or right street. We had a tour bus with a athletic team run up one and off the bridge a few years back. People died from poor design.
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I'm in Indiana and use I-24 and I-75 twice a yr. If it wasn't for the BIL living SW of Atlanta I'd be going through Alabama.

Northbound I get off of I-75 at Perry, GA. A hundred miles of 2 lane to the BIL's. Then cut over to US-27 which is mostly 4 lane. South of Rome I use Hwy 1 Loop to Hwy 20, then over to Ft Payne, AL. It's all 2 lane in Alabama and a very steep grade down into Ft Payne. I-59 back to I-24.

This isn't a feasible route for most, but visiting family makes it work for me. For me Nashville or Knoxville is only 10 miles difference but I have to make a couple of more family stops. I-75 has to many ups and downs, like a roller coaster. I know one guy that takes US-27 all the way from I-10 into Michigan. I guess it all comes down to your destination and how bad you want to avoid Atlanta. Personally I'll go 200 miles out my way to avoid Chicago.

I will not go through Chattanooga in the rain. Twice I've been north bound with the 5th wheel and had a car spin out in front of me on the last right hand curve down into the city. The last time I went between the car and his front bumper after he slid across in front of me and hit the inside wall. Water runs down the hill and then across the road as it banks for the turn. They hit the brakes for the hill, hit the water and hydroplane out of control.
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Assuming no construction ...

Take I-75 straight through before 6AM or after 8PM. Check the events calendar for sports or concerts.

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We avoid Atlanta due to congestion and accidents. Best of luck and safe travels.

totally agree but as with most big cities...

- check for road construction on the state's highway dept. website
- as you approach the city tune to and listen to the city all-news radio station for traffic reports
- plan to traverse the city between 10a-2p +/- or late evening (after 8pm)
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December 20, 1977 the day before it was declared completed.

We avoid Atlanta due to congestion and accidents. Best of luck and safe travels.

We went north through Atlanta all the way on I-75 a little over 2 weeks ago on Sunday morning around 9-10. For Atlanta it was light traffic moving the speed limit most of the time. That is the only time I will go through.
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