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Guidelines for park owner/members

It has been brought to our attention that apparently Park Owners and Operators are posting on the forum. Many are excellent contributors to the forum with a vast wealth of helpful information in their areas and the operation of parks in general. However, a few folks are posing as rv’ers and answering questions with recommendations to and about their parks or negative reviews of competing parks, etc. This is the exact reason the Usage Policy for these forums state "These forums are for members to members only. Commercial enterprises and/or their representatives are not allowed to post in these forums".
If you are one of these members and still choose to post as a member:
1. No posting allowed advertising your park. This includes member name, links, signature etc.
2. No posting critical of competitors parks or facilities.
3. No flaming of other owners.
4. No flaming of members who post in the negative about your park - handle it by private message, email, phone etc. – NOT in the open forums.
Those caught doing any of these will be brought to the attention of the membership and/or banned from further forum participation.