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Adding fan behind refrigerator...worthwhile??

I have 3 RVs and I seem to be addicted to adding stuff to each have a standard Dometic 2852 absorption refrigerator. They seem to be working as expected. I did replace the cooling unit on one about 2 years ago and it has been worki...

SJ-Chris by Explorer
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Resolved! Oxygenics Fury RV Handheld Shower head --COLD drip

I have a Oxygenics Fury RV Handheld Shower head. When I move the shut off leaver to "medium drip" only cold water comes out. Is this normal? or is the shut off leaver defective? On full flow I have hot and cold water.

TenOC by Traveler
  • 7 replies

Picture Posting Test Thread

Here is my photo. All I did was drag it from my computer and dropped it on the Photo Posting App page. Then I copied the URL and pasted it here.Now it is your turn to try it! Barney

BarneyS by Moderator
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Grey tank valve replacement: am I missing something?

I noticed my grey tank valve leaking so I ordered a new one (Valterra) as I have done in the past.When I removed the four bolts, however, I noticed that the assembly on the left (going to the opening where you hook up the sewer hose) is loose.  I'll ...


Installing new vinyl trim insert at the roof line

I installed new insert at the roof when the old insert was brittle and falling out. 6+ years of sun made it do that. I use sealant a the very ends and also in each screw hole. I also upgraded to stainless steel screws.Here's a few videos I did on ...

LiFePO4 battery build

I got my new cells in today and I am going to start putting them together after I sort out whether I am getting a new cell or not, as one has some slight damage. It is probably fine to use but between shipping and duty charges I paid quite a bit for...

Sources for a new/used Jack-knife couch

So my current couch is original to the trailer... meaning it's almost 30 years old. My couch cover hides the insane 90s pattern, but even adding cushioning underneath hasn't been able to make it comfortable.I've been dying to replace it for the last ...

Best Atwood Stove Mod Ever!

Since the existing Atwood Piezo sparker tends to work only when it likes to. I converted mine to an electronic unit sourced from gas grill replacement. My brother did this to his trailer and I pirated it from him. I used a step bit to enlarge the ...

Love Seat Swap Options

Hi folks, so I have a 2013 Canyon Cat with the jackknife sofa. It is terrible and I want to replace it. It is on a slide out so I'm concerned with the weight.I am looking at a loveseat recliner with center console. Has anyone done this type of swa...

Water Softeners?

Any recommendations for a RV portable water softener? Have one at home and wife loves it for showers/hair and wants one to use when we're out in our fifth wheel. Campingworld has the On The Go 16,000 grain softener on sale for $250. Good deal or i...

huffaz by Explorer
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Power tongue jack mod

Jack was in the way of being able to fully open the tailgate.The brand / model jack I have accommodates rotating the jack head to make more space for the tailgate.Here's how I did the project

Question about lamps in class A

I have a 2007 Fleetwood pace arrow and want to upgrade my bulbs in my Lamps in Rv anyone know what led bulb can replace the bulbs that are in there now. Thank

Rec Pro slide topper fabric

Has anyone purchased their replacement fabric for the slide toppers from Rec Pro? My brother in law just needed replacement fabric on 1 of his toppers…. For his 178” wide slide the cost after discounts and tax is $65.00 with free shipping.. too good ...

12 / 24 volt air conditioner with so many boondockers going the mini split route to run air conditioning off batteries but on those not nights when you pull off the road or into a rest area and you don't want to run the generator, what's the latest thinking on the abund...

Beech Lane/Anderson levelers

I was looking at these roll on levelers and wondering how well they worked. I have a 2002 Roadtrek class B. As I poked around the net I found 95% of postings were using them on trailers Do people use these on motorized RV? In keeping with DIY foru...

jjrbus by Explorer
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