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Torklift Stair hand rail

My 5 step stairs into my Wolf creek are a bit steep for my spouse so I devised this mod. The carpeted stairs is so my skeptical Golden, Mr. Bailey cannot see through the steps and freekout!

1mtnman by Explorer
  • 9 replies

Talon Inserts with steel Torklift Receivers

After many trips over the mountain passes to Utah, my tie downs started to look rather rusty. The most visible part is the insert. I was considering the whole sand, prep, prime, and paint path; and decided to try and find something that might last lo...

stevenal by Explorer III
  • 2 replies

Battery separator/isolator replacement

Aloha:Has any Roadtrek people here ever changed out their Battery separator/isolator? Mine in MJ is FUBAR so I'm looking for a replacement and wondering what has worked well for others.MahaloMike

Repairing soft floor in my wolf creek

Well, after many many nights in my TC the 1/4” floor in my wolf creek is becoming soft in and around the kitchen area. Apparently the 1/4” floor can’t really accommodate my 200+ weight cooking in the kitchen and stepping down from the cabover!! a lo...

anutami by Explorer II
  • 27 replies

2024 Northern California Truck Camper Rally

It's hard to believe but it is that time of year to start planning for our 2024 Northern California Truck Camper rally. We had a great time last year and hope to build on it this year. This year I am going to try to put a little more structure into t...

adamis by Traveler
  • 7 replies

Tripping across the Mojave on I-40

I will be making my first trip to the grand canyon this july, which entails coming across I-40 there and back. Am I being overly cautious about that ride? Looks like about 3 hrs and July avg temps ~102. On the way there, I will lay over in Barstow...

eskins by Explorer
  • 38 replies

A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Went camping this weekend at a campground on the lake, had not been there for a few years. Once there I began to walk around looking at the different sites when I noticed a very old dog. He just lay there until I got too close then he got up on three...

Factory Floor Repair at Keystone

Hello All,Just sharing an evolving story to see if anyone has experience. We have a 2018 Keystone Outback and started noticing a soft spot on the floor directly in front of our stove/oven area. The weird part is 1- we have been paying to have the d...

kfp673 by Explorer
  • 27 replies

arctic fox slide adjustment

Has anyone ever adjusted their own slide? I have a 2012 AF1150 with the full wall slide and noticed that when closed there is an approximate 1 inch gap at the rear wall near the roof. In other words, when closed everything looks good and tight exce...

Around or Through Dayton and Indianapolis?

Trip planner has us going through Dayton coming in from 35 to I75N to pick up I70. Thoughts?It also has us staying on I70 though Indianapolis. Does it make better sense to take I465 around the South side?We're in a RV towing a Jeep.TIA,Gary

Who’s planning

Who’s planning trips for next year already ? And where are you heading? I’m planning 5 trips ( +/- )  . Where is still up for discussion.  I’m thinking a least 2 trips to the Smoky Mountain area.  Probably start in May and try to go every 6-8 weeks, ...

Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

On 18 Dec, a very large cat showed up at our house. It was late and cold, and he looked in the door and made it clear he wanted inside. Well, since we have two cats already and he was a stranger, we could not let him in the house. WLToo walked out...

Smoked Cowboy Beans

We're having a big family get-together soon and one of my kids requested a big batch of my beans. "Can you make it a double batch, dad?" It's my own recipe with bits and pieces taken from various inspirations. I need to refine the recipe though, beca...

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Help me pick a travel trailer toy hauler

So I'm on the market for a travel trailer-toy hauler. I'm looking for suggestions on which models to consider.Use: I would like to be able to tow one quad (2012 Yamaha Grizzly 700). The quad weighs 648lb. It is 6.78ft long and 46.5in wide. The abilit...

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