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Have you replaced your shower Glass ?

My shower glass and enclosure are worn out and stained and need to be replaced.I found 3 companies that will do the work.One of them claims to have done a lot of them and wants to install the glass like you would in a house with metal framing only wh...

JCat by Explorer
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Lifting my class C

I have a new-to-me Class C, a 1997 Four Winds, 23ft long.Often, when I enter a gas station or other driveway, I drag my butt on the pavement. Technically, I drag the hitch (see pic below). I'm afraid this will get worse when I'm towing my 7x14 traile...

Nomadist by Explorer
  • 79 replies

Looking for 2008 Monaco Safari Simba 35SFD manual

Hello:We just picked up our 2008 Monaco Safari Simba and we love it....but it needs a little TLC.....I am now looking for an operating manual for this unit to help on the repairs.If any of you have advice on how to find one please let me know.Thanks ...

Resolved! From Bad to Worse

Before today, I was able to go to Motorhome Forum and then choose Class A.  Now that is not an option.  You need to figure out folks needs / wants before you bleed all members.  There is already a mass exodus.  Come on, man!

AllegroD by Traveler
  • 21 replies

Resolved! Grey water tank won't drain completely

New RVer here. My Grey water tank will only empty down to the 2/3rd level. Not completely clogged, obviously, but why would it stop draining at that point? I don't think it's a sensor issue because it does seem to stop short of completely emptying...

epennal by Explorer
  • 20 replies

batteries in the winter

Ok, so another battery question. The motor home I may buy next week has 2 12 volt batteries in it, not that that makes a difference in my question. I will be storing my unit at home and have a pedestal with 30 amp service.(It was installed when a pre...

Surge or Electric brake tow dolly

So I just got rid of my Fiver and got a 36 foot motorhome (used). I may use a tow dolly for a couple different reasons but some that I look at have an electric or surge brake option. My MH has a Prodigy controller installed so why would I want a surg...

shower enclosure replacement

I wanted to get my shower enclosure replaced and I called around to local companies that make them and none of then would build one for an RV.I need help finding a place that will do this work.Thanks

JCat by Explorer
  • 1 replies

Alternative cab window shades for Sprinter Class C

I love most things about our sprinter Class C but the cab window shades seem to have been an afterthought. Especially the driver and passenger shades. They have magnets that are too few and poorly placed that I end up wrestling with the shades for 10...

tires and good service

Hi all. About a month ago I was on a trip with my family. On the way home the passenger's inside dual failed. I stopped and called CAA. It took an hour for them to arrive--and the truck sent didn't have a big enough jack.However they sent another veh...

Moving forward with flooring replacement

After 20 years the RV flooring is going to be replaced.We picked out a carpet that is easy to clean and we are going to replace the white ceramic tile with Black Galaxy granite tile.We are replacing the front step carpet and rubber covers.Carpet will...

JCat by Explorer
  • 23 replies

How many of us are there? Owners of Dodge based RV's?

I'm new here, and curious.How many of us in Class C own Dodge B300 incompletecab/chassis based RV's? I know two others- Steve akaRipsaw, with a 1977 Brougham, and Leroy aka 1978_Dodge_Delta who owns a 440V8 powered sharp looking 1978 Delta RV. I wou...