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best twin bed floorplan class C's

I sold my 5'er and am looking for a used twin bed Class C under $90K.

I like the Winnie and Itasca View/Navion 24V's but I'm a little scared of the M-B reliability and maintenance costs. My German mechanic advised me to stay away from the first DEF V6's, I believe 2008-2010.

A lot of van life people seem to like the Transit eco V-6 gassers. The Ekko has the 3.5 V6 eco boost but it doesn't have a slide and the floorplan looks cramped compared to the View.

I have rented several V10 gassers and hated them so that's out. I liked the layout of the Fuse 23A but apparently the 3.2L i-5 Powerstroke diesel has problems as well. Ford seemed to dump it when they upgraded the Transit chassis.

Any suggestions for these parameters from another manufacturer? I'm kind of wary of Thor and Forest River. My dentist loves his Leisure Travel but that's out of my price range.

Fill in the wants, and see what fits your specs, and then hit the RV Trader and see what fits the price range.

I have a 2018 Navion 24V on a 2017 MB Sprinter cab chassis and it's been fine. Maintenance intervals for oil changes and stuff are longer than gassers, so that keeps them closer in costs, and I'm in Canada and diesel is cheaper here than gasoline, another perk, and my fuel mileage is almost double most gassers, again a perk. I tow a Wrangler 4 door with it.
If you're familiar with diesels, and don't fear them, I've had both and love the Sprinter over the other gas options. Twin beds, separate lav and sleeping area, galley and living room.
Price on used might be your only problem. I see them holding their value on the RV sales sites.
Mike. Comments are anecdotal or personal opinions, and worth what you paid for them.
2018 (2017 Sprinter Cab Chassis) Navion24V + 2016 Wrangler JKU (sold @ ????)
2016 Sunstar 26HE, V10, 3V, 6 Speed (sold @ 4600 miles)
2002 Roadtrek C190P (sold @ 315,000kms)