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Garmin RV 660

Is it just me but just updated maps and I am seeing some real cool features, ie new and larger number of restaurants ahead, and new pop up right hand pane showing lanes
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Just updated mine to the latest/greatest for the last trip from Minn to the Gulf Coast a week ago. Didn't look at the restaurants, and mine has always shown lanes (maybe it is a setting that got turned on in yours?). It does seem to have gotten some quirks. Like the map shows a turn to the left, yet it tells me "right turn ahead". It seems to have had many "official" Interstate rest stops go missing, to the point where we used Google maps to find if there is one ahead, instead. Seems to like to use local street names much more (that are not signed in actuality anywhere), rather than major route designations ("Bramble Way Road" rather than "Hwy 10", etc.)
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Explorer III
Explorer III
I have the Street Altas for Truckers, a few years old, but never-the-less, I use it in conjucntion with my Garmin

When I last updated out 890, it seemed to come up with some things I don't remember seeing. As the operating system is now Android, they are pretty limited by the size of the storage/memory and imagination. I will be interested to see what happens next.
I am still annoyed with Garmin for buying Delorme and shutting down Street Atlas. That was the most powerful planner and enroute navigator and still has not been equaled. Yes, it was not a PHD (Push Here Dumby) system, but most powerful things do not meet that qualification.

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