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Welcome to the Class C Motorhome Forum

Welcome to the group.

If you have a Class C or just like to chat about them, this is the place.

People sometimes get confused by Class C's called "B+", "Super C" or other things. A Class C is any motorhome built on a cutaway chassis. Class C's often have van cabs, but units have been made with the cab from pickups, medium duty and even heavy duty trucks as well. Many but not all C's have a bunk or entertainment unit in an area over the cutaway cab.

As you might expect, some items get posted over and over. While folks here will discuss them, you can learn a lot by using the Search feature in the upper left hand of this window. Pulsar has written a great tutorial on using all the features, though to get started you can just type in a few words like "tire pressure" and click the "go" button.

We have a Frequently Asked Questions thread, which is also a good place to check if you are new and have a question that may get asked a lot.

Here are some general guidelines on posting threads and responses in the Class C Forum:
- Use mixed case letters when posting rather than ALL UPPER CASE. Uppercase is considered yelling. Please help remind members who continue to post in caps of the guidelines.
- Because this is a written forum, facial expressions and tone are missing. Please read all responses in the best light, not the worst.
- Use a descriptive subject line that identifies the topic of your post. Posts like "Help" or "Class C" are not useful for search or to attract members to read them.
- Start a new topic rather than trying to take over ("hijack") a thread with a different topic. Try to ensure that at least some of your post is on the original topic.
- Use family friendly language.
- Do not post private messages or e-mails from others without their permission.
- Post things that have to do with Class C's. There are other forums for the best route to Pomona or your favorite campfire drink.
- Please do not attempt to limit who responds to a thread. While the topics here should have to do with Class C's, courteous responses from any- and every-one to every topic are welcome.
- The gas vs. diesel wars are not welcome here.
- If you use the quote function or otherwise atribute some text to another person, quote the other post accurately.
- Posts that are trolling for arguments or disruption such as "No fulltimer can be happy" (posted in Fulltiming) will be locked down or deleted.
- Please shrink high resolution pictures down to 640 x 480 or fewer pixels (width x height). Large pictures take a long time for modem and cell-phone users to download, and mess up formatting for those not using large, hi-res screens.
- The RV.Net rule against double posting is very general and applies to the same text submitted in multiple places, whether posting or responding.

Enjoy yourself and remember the Forum Rules you agreed to abide by when you joined RV.Net.

William and Johnny
Class C Forum Moderators