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Show us what you cook on!

Let's see your setups and hear what you like and dislike. I'm currently using and enjoying:HitchFire grill station a Jetboil for my coffee a cast iron skillet for over the fire

Small Portable Smoker

I got this a while ago and finally got to use it. It works really well! Comes apart into a small carry bag so easy to take anywhere. You can use it on any heat source. I did a video review so you can see it.You can order it from Amazon.Video --> http...

Cranberry Cobbler

This is super easy, amazingly delicious, and the batter can be used with ANY fruit.  It's not overly sweet, but you could use less sweetener if you like.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-Eyxjp0x2o&t=4sI used two bags of cranberries, substituted almon...

Cold Smoked Cheese

I was down to my last packet of smoked cheese in the fridge, so it was time to do another batch. It's been cold enough and I finally had the time to do it.I buy the cheapest cheddar I can find from Smart & Final, which was two five-pound blocks of gu...

How do you do your turkey?

I'm looking forward to cooking our birds on Thanksgiving, but I'm curious to know how folks do their turkeys.I was hoping this new forum would have a built in poll feature, but I don't see one (yet).Do you:BakeFrySmokeOther?I'm doing two turkeys on t...

Fire, Cast Iron, and Soot

I've finally gotten into cast iron cooking. And I want to do it over a fire when we're camping.What do you do about the black soot that coats the outside of the pan? Do you just clean it off? And - how?Or do you have a special pan that is always gett...

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Grilled Pizza

Who says you can't grill a pizza while camping?  A couple of tips: 1) buy premade pizza dough and 2) a pizza stone is a must.  In the grill / pellet smoker run it up to 400 degrees and BAM, you have a great personalized pizza!

Picture - Pizza.jpg

Texas Smoked Brisket

It didn't take long for us to pick up a pellet smoker to add to our outdoor RV kitchen.  The pellet smoker took a little getting used to, coming from an offset smoker of 25 years but, getting the hang of it.  Using a Traeger Pro 34 since we wanted to...

Picture - Brisket.jpg

Meals cooked while RVing

Grilling a T-bone and corn one of my favorite meals. Asmoke Pellet stove which is very similar to Pit Boss and others. Portable which fits in my motorhome basement and love how it plugs in to cook. I had a Marine one while boating for propane and the...

Grilling Steak and corn.jpg
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Smoked Salsa Day

It's Smoked Salsa Day today. We're having a get-together on Saturday and I want to give it a few days to integrate and mellow.RECIPE:Ingredients:- 1 red onion- 10 Roma Tomatoes- 10 large jalapeños- 1 yellow bell pepper- 1 orange bell pepper- 4 large ...

What is the duct tape of your kitchen?

What is your go-to for rescuing a ruined meal?I've used bacon and condensed milk to keep from throwing out melted ice cream. Fridge in the old tt went out. We had a third of a container of vanilla ice cream left. I mixed condensed milk in with it, ad...

Speaking of Bacon

Bacon Day!!! Got about 3 lbs package of bacon ends and pieces. Spent this morning cooking them in the oven, so we could have bacon fat in the crock and bacon pieces in the freezer, ready for whenever we need bacon.It was delicious in a butty (UK th...

Pre-cooked packaged bacon

I think this has been kicked around before, but let's try again for S & G.... I know nothing takes the place of real skillet fried bacon. But to keep down on the mess, I have been using the pre-cooked package stuff for several years, and tried all b...

Pantry Road Trips

That's what we call those special places we find in our travels that offer tasty items for the pantry. I've been known to travel out of my way for good ingredients. Marsh Hen Mill in Edisto, SC has some unique and tasty cornmeal and grits.Are there p...

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