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Video Editing Software

Looking for opinions on video editing software. I don't mind buying a good package, but I'm looking at less than $100 - not making the next Avengers movie. I just want to take some old home movies that I had converted to digital and make some modern ...

j3ff9ack by Explorer
  • 24 replies

Resolved! Back up camera

Anyone ever tried those inexpensive, magnet cameras you can move around from the rear of you trailer to the bumper of your tow vehicle? Just looking for something to use so my wife doesn’t have to guide me. They’re probably too good to be true.

Where have the campgruond ratings gone?

I was looking for campgrounds with GS ratings in Vermont, but there seem to be far fewer campgrounds with ratings than last year. Example: Kingdom Campground in Lyndonville.What happened?

ArnoldR by Explorer
  • 2 replies

First time

I’m new to camping so looking for the top tips of things I should have on hand . I just bought a 22’ RV and I want to enjoy it as much as I can. I can use all the help I can get from the community. Thanks!

Good Sam Campground Book

I guess they still have the goodsam campground book It used to list the campgrounds with Internet but u can call and see if they have WIFI internet. 

Satellite internet

Hello!   I am trying to find solutions for internet that are not long-term monthly subscriptions.  May not be possible I suppose, but almost everywhere we camp has at least our cellular available which is fine.  A few places we camp have nothing at a...

Netflix forces newer TVs

We went to watch a Netflix movie night before last. A message popped up stating that effective Dec 1st our pretty expensive high end but older TV was going to be moved to the bedroom as a spare. Not in those words of course.Evidently other streaming ...

bucky by Explorer II
  • 33 replies

In-line Water Meter

This is something that we have found to be really handy when filling up our fresh water tank or when flushing the black tank.  Don't worry, we have two different in-line water meters for each of the mentioned applications, LOL! It's pretty much a gue...

Picture - Water Meter.jpg

Useless Class A doghouse cup holders

Has anyone found a good solution for the shallow and useless cup holders built into the dog house of the2018  Coachman Mirada 35KB? It has the hard molded doghouse with two cup holders that won’t even hold a can of coke let alone a Yeti cup. 

Cherguin by Explorer III
  • 2 replies

New RVer's, remember your surge protectors!

This is just a lesson I learned first time I turned on my Dutchmen 28GGS, about the importance of having a good quality surge protector. I powered on my camper for the first time to ensure everything was working properly, only running the fridge, AC ...

iRV 66 Substitute

Seems that iRV66 has really bad reviews.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a substitute model that will integrate with the existing wiring and cutout?  Thanks in advance! 

jmcgirt by Explorer
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Installing 3000 W inverter – wire size – fuze size

I am thinking about adding an 3000 W inverter to my RV. What size fuse should I put in the 12 Volt line from the battery to the inverter? Do you have a recommended brand name? I have also read that some inverters come with cables that are undersized....

TenOC by Nomad
  • 6 replies

Anyone still have AT&T Mobley Unlimited Data Plan? Help

I am grandfathered into AT&T’s ZTE Mobley Connect Car unlimited data plan. It has worked very well for the last 5 or 6 years. I am extremely happy with it. And want to be very careful not to lose my grandfather status. However, now that 2 grandchildr...

TenOC by Nomad
  • 2 replies