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Ceramic Protection

I have a 38 foot fifth wheel trailer. I am considering having a ceramic finish put on. I would be curious if anyone else has done this, and if so, what was the approximate cost? Are you happy with the finished product?

I have been using Zip Wax and a long handled brush for 15 years. Maybe once a year. It still shines and holds up ok. I didn't buy a camper to wax. I wash it now and then and go camping. It's your camper. You can spend as much time and money as you like. Resale value will be in the dumper if you keep it very long no matter how nice it is. I bought ours to camp. Not one more thing to clean.
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You can buy DIY Ceramic coat products. I just purchased Armor Shield XI for my car and truck, plan to apply it this spring. Not sure I would do an entire RV. Its a very slow process having to do 1 small section at a time. I think a good auto wax would be easier or others use floor wax?

I think the ceramic, products like F11, anything that says you never have to wash again, is a gimmick. I have F11 on my car now and the shine is great, but I still have to wash it as often as any other product. Ceramic seems to have a nice shine and makes washing easier, but its just the newest miracle wax...

What's the purpose of the ceramic protection? If it's to protect the gel coat or decals, we replaced our decals last year for around $7k, parts and labor.
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while I have never had it done, I know a person who does it and I also know a guy who has had it done to his Class A Newell..

If done the right way, it could take up to 40+ hours to prep and apply....

As far as cost, I have heard upwards of $8,000.00++ BUT... that is second hand info and I am sure that number would change depending on the area also...

All that said, it will have to be re applied in a certain time frame, so for me, it's a no
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