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Glacier west side July 2023

Right now the GNP west side is a mess. As you enter the park you will hit a construction zone about 5 or 6 miiles from the entrance on the Going to the Sun Rd. For the next 8 or 10 miles the road surface is ground off leaving a dirt road. The dust from this road is the worst I have ever seen, so thick at times that you cannot see oncoming traffic and it will cover you rig in a thick coating
The surface is occasionally potholed but not wash board.
It will double the time needed to get to Logan Pass

The park is VERY serious about the park entry passes and has set up checkpoints inside the park to look at them. After 3 PM you do not need on.

Road to polebride requires pass and is not too bad, They really do have very good pastry at the bakery. Afyer Polebridge the road is much worse woth a six mile on lane road with lots of oncoming traffic which can barely squeeze by. White knuckled road.
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Explorer III
Explorer III
ktmrfs wrote:
arrive before 6am and you don't need a reservation for the day either.
(at least that is what the website says)

Yeah, we were there a couple weeks ago and at 6:30am (entering from east side), they were just setting up and didn't even want to talk to us and yeah, in the afternoon, you can just go in also.

The gravel section wasn't great but they were watering the heck out of it when we went thru. Truck was covered in mud but dust visibility wasn't a big issue...of course, that can change day to day depending on how much effort they put into it.
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You have to have Glacier reservations. for the west side. It is not park pass.

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arrive before 6am and you don't need a reservation for the day either.
(at least that is what the website says)
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