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New cooling unit or refurbish?

I need to make a decision shortly on which way to gofor a Dometic cooling unit.If I send my unit in for repairs it will cost around$870 U.S. with a 5 year warranty.If I buy a new unit it will cost around $550 U.S.(I still need to find out if the new ...

GuyCanRV by Explorer
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Propane smell at furnace exhaust port

I was winterizing my camper today. The low point drains are located near the furnace exhaust. When I went to turn on the drains I noticed a propane smell coming from the furnace exhaust port. I’ve never noticed that before. We never use the furnace, ...

Air Bags for Truck Campers

I’ve read that air bags should. not be installed inboard of the trucks leaf springs as it will narrow the suspension and cause even more sway.  Both Airlift and Ride-Rites are installed where the jounce stop is, which is inside of the leaf springs… N...

egarant by Explorer
  • 7 replies

Ok to run shore power without battery?

I have a 2007 Komfort trailer with a WFCO ultra distribution panel model WF8955an with a 3 stage converter. Lately the fan in the panel has started running for hours at a time. I checked the battery and it is boiling HOT. We don’t travel, the trailer...

Resolved! Just Bad Luck?

02/06/2023 we bought a 2019 Forest River Salem Hemisphere GLX. Paid extra for a presale inspection. Our first trip was a short 2 hour drive and 2 hours back. Loved it with no problems. Second trip 4 hours each way. No problems except noticed I had to...

spiker44 by Explorer II
  • 14 replies

Norcold N510

Hello I’m hoping I can get some help with this . On my Norcold N510 everything seems to work except I can’t shut it off (have pushed the button for way longer than 2 seconds)I have exposed the optical board and it looks good. I’ve unplugged the overl...

Resolved! Autimatic Transfer Switch?

Was about to order switch by TRC/Southwire, 30A, huge 14" box, $95.  Then found an old thread by Mr Wizard, he bought some Chinese motor-driven gizmo for less than half of the cost - and it was smaller too: 2P 63A.Now I'm thinking about this switch, ...

Almot by Explorer II
  • 28 replies

Leveling Question

We have a 2016, 25; Forest River Sabre 5th wheel.  For the sake of this scenerio, let's say the truck and trailer is on perfectly level ground both front  and side to side.  Typically when attached to the truck the front of the trailer is approx. 4-5...

Normal sound?

Is it normal for a slide out to sound like a machine gun when it comes to the end of its run either all the way out or all the way in?

d1h by Explorer II
  • 3 replies

All in one ATS/converter/charger

so I want to upgrade the old camper to be able to have 110 power also since I have 300AH to play with now, so I was going to ass a inverter.   well looking around at inverters for almost the same cost I cna get a all in one from renogy for about 100 ...

Resolved! 80 amp converter and eu2000i

I'm putting together a 400A Lipo4 battery setup (4x100) and would like to charge it with a Progressive Dynamics PD9180AL converter, which I would occasionally run from my Honda eu2000i (1600W continuous) gen. PD lists the power  draw as 1300 watts  f...

ScottG by Traveler
  • 3 replies

Stuck sewer caps

The sewer caps on my TT are stuck and will not budge when I try to twist them off. Didn't want to break anything and ran across this gadget. Anybody used one or have another trick I can try?

d1h by Explorer II
  • 3 replies

Furnace issue

Hello everyone, I’ve done a bunch of digging for my issue and I’m looking for some experience in the matter. My furnace blower wouldn’t start and after some YouTube I decided to replace the delay relay. After doing so the furnace worked for 2 days an...

Resolved! Tech support

When I try to log in I put my username and password then hit enter.   I then get a red bar that states I don't have sufficient privileges to proceed.   I then have two options go back or login to original page.  I hit login to original page and all i...

bgum by Explorer
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