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Photos and Video now available on RV.Net's new Community

Explorer is proud to announce the release a new beta RV Community application that allows RVers everywhere to create a profile, upload photos and videos, and share them with their friends. This is a great place to host any photos or videos you’d like to use here in the forums. The beta RV Community also allows you to create groups and communicate to all members of that group simultaneously.

To learn more, there is a helpful video on the blog about it or you can check out the beta application yourself directly at

Note that while this new beta application can be used in conjunction with the forums to host photos and videos, it is a separate application and therefore you will need to join the RV Community and create a profile in order to take advantage of its features. It is free to join, and requires only an email address, birth date, and the creation of a username and password to join.

To see the new members of the RV Community click here. You get your own homepage at RV.Net that you can share with anybody. Watch the video we link to above to see how to set it up. - Your daily guide to the Open Road
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jdc1 wrote:
All I see are a bunch of ads. There is no sign-in, and the group site is out of order.

I figured the above poster was a spammer. What do you mean about the group site being out of order?

All I see are a bunch of ads. There is no sign-in, and the group site is out of order.

I'm sorry.....what are you talking about? lol

Testing this when originally found it allowed a drag and drop of a picture file from my HDD...but now it requires an URL address (Internet)

So this test is using to host for free and begets an URL that recognizes

Picture is of two vehicles, one a GM Pickup and other MB SUV, which were unlucky to have been in line of a falling tree one winter morning in my neighborhood...

Cycling around and road was blocked. Rode over a few blocks to find city PW's crew chain sawing the tree and a tree trimming firm showing up with their crane to finish removing that 50 foot or so tree.

If this works...try and then copy n paste to this forum's image button

Didn't work as above...gotta click on the image to 'copy image location'...these images are via that...'copy image location'....

MyMorningRide FrozenTreeFell

-Ben Picture of my rig
1996 GMC SLT Suburban 3/4 ton K3500/7.4L/4:1/+150Kmiles orig owner...
1980 Chevy Silverado C10/long bed/"BUILT" 5.7L/3:73/1 ton helper springs/+329Kmiles, bought it from dad...
1998 Mazda B2500 (1/2 ton) pickup, 2nd owner...
Praise Dyno Brake equiped and all have "nose bleed" braking!
Previous trucks/offroaders: 40's Jeep restored in mid 60's / 69 DuneBuggy (approx +1K lb: VW pan/200hpCorvair: eng, cam, dual carb'w velocity stacks'n 18" runners, 4spd transaxle) made myself from ground up / 1970 Toyota FJ40 / 1973 K5 Blazer (2dr Tahoe, 1 ton axles front/rear, +255K miles when sold it)...
Sold the boat (looking for another): Trophy with twin 150's...
51 cylinders in household, what's yours?...