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My now 50 year-old daughter, was a Campfire Bug.

Many moons have passed us as we set under a harvest moon. Many times over many years I would roll my family into a campsite and we would all join in setting up camp chairs, Tables, a Grill, a Fishing pole rack, and a ground Rug for the dog to lay on,...

Dogmen by Explorer
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Karaoke & Sing-along around Campfires

When we were tent camping, there will be several campsites with someone playing the guitar and other campers will mill around, uninvited, watching or singing along.Now that we are into RVing, it seems protocol changed. We would hear a couple or more...

Smokeless campfire

So who among us doesn't love a campfire? It's one of the joys of being out in the woods, isn't it? Even if you are in a campground at some independent private place where your neighbors are only a spitball's distance away on either side, as well as b...

Around the Campfire

What's happened to around the Campfire?There is one post been going over a year on post that do not stick to subjeet.All gone except the last three most recent op.

Around the Campfire - litterally!

Actually this fits better in RV Lifestyle, but the topic really is about campfires. Now, about the time you think you've seen just about everything, someone does come up with a new "gadget!" Check this out! What a great idea!Click here.

Guitar around a campfire !!

After 40 years, I finally decided to play guitar again (2015).....and it's weird how you still know your chords after all these years.Last summer, I brought my guitar with me and started to play around a campfire. What happened next...... our neighbo...

drenjoey by Explorer
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Campfire smoke

While at Hunting Island campground, my wife and I were eating dinner outside. All,of a sudden a continual cloud of eye watering smoke comes pouring around the front of the camper and under our awning. There was a strong breeze at our location. I went...

Just for fun "around the campfire"

We must have largest and most diverse group of Rvers here. We're all anonymous so how about a little survey? Just simple answers.How long have you been RVing.Your current rig type.Still working or retired.How many people and pets in the rig.Weekends,...

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Ford's answers to the NHTSA 6.7 Investigation

There was a request for a link to Ford's answer's to the NHTSA investigation posted on a previous thread, since closed. Here is the link:Ford's NHTSA Answers to the 6.7 investigationThis PDF is over 20 pages long. There are some interesting statement...

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Campfires: Love them or hate them?

For some, campfires mean bedtime stories, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. For my wife and me, on a recent overnight at Lathrop State Park near Walsenburg CO, campfire smoke meant sneezing, itchy eyes, and runny noses. Never another campfire wouldn...

What's behind the name? Screen name that is.

I have often wondered how some of the members came up with their screen name, some are obvious :C and others are totally :?. I know that since sooo many names are already taken we have to be creative to find one that is available.I'll start with the ...

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