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Hurricane Grace/Marty

Hurricane Grace crossed the Yucatan peninsula yesterday starting as a category one hurricane. Then she entered the Gulf of Mexico and had a second landfall as a category 3 hurricane at Tecolutla in Veracruz state early this morning. As near as we could tell, she remained a hurricane until pretty much into the center of Mexico.

This is unusual, and the roads, which in Veracruz in the fall and early winter are often terrible due to the storms, will likely be worse than usual and be so further inland. Time will tell.

If you are a weather buff like we are, the next part is unusual. It looks like the remnants of Grace will cross over the country and regroup in the Eastern Pacific ocean and potentially become a hurricane again. If so, it will be named Marty.

Because of the weather conditions here in Guerrero, we have RAIN!!! We are on the outskirts of this event, so many places north and east of us are being swamped. We have had 2.1 inches of rain in the last hour, and isn't slowing down, yet.

This is a good time to use your favorite weather website to monitor rainfall in areas you are interested in.

If you want to see what is happening at our house, go to, and sign up for a free account. We are Casa 4 Vientos, and our information is there.

We also strongly recommend the NOAA hurricane website at:

Heavy rainfall associated with a storm like this does serious damage to roads - which can take a long time to repair. I've been on some lesser traveled two lane mountain highways in Oaxaca months after the last storm where half the road is still missing - washed away - just air where the road was - no signs to warn of the danger.
More importantly, prayers for those living in the path.