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New to RVing about 6 months ago.


My wife Diane and me ( Rich ) and our 2 male rescue cats have only camped about 6 times and we love it.  We plan a trip all the way to the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone later this year.  We live in central Florida so this will be a very long trip.  Any recommendations on when we should go and any other information anyone would like to share with us, would be greatly appreciated.  The name of our camper is “ Wheel Paradise “.



Wow, Grand Canyon & Yellowstone in one trip. I hope you are planning to spend 2-3 months at this. As @JOHNBURKE pointed out, there's a lot between those places you wouldn't want to miss, and putting more than an hour into each of them is going to be an incredible trip.

When you should go is a tough one. Grand Canyon south rim is open all year if I'm not mistaken, and the canyon itself is incredible any time, and NEVER the same twice. The north rim is an entirely different world, is open only during the summer, and well worth the visit, especially as it is not as popular as south rim and therefore much less crowded. Yellowstone is mostly only a summer place, as it is mostly closed in winter. It is also very crowded. I would recommend either the first couple weeks it is open in the spring or the last couple in the fall to avoid the worst of the crowds.

Whenever you go, and however long you take, enjoy the journey, take lots of pictures, and make beautiful memories.

Explorer II
Explorer II

Between Grand Canyon and Yellowstone there are some great National Parks am Monuments. Monument Valley, Zion, Bryce, Capital Reef, Archs, Canyon Lands and the Grand Tetons. Those could add a fair bit of time to the trip, but you are going right by. It would be a shame to miss them. On the way home from Yellowstone go through Cody take in the rodeo. Stop by Devils Tower and through the black hills.  Probably 6000 miles and 30 days but will be a trip to remember all great places. Just be prepared for crowds, traffic and people in the parks. 

Nomad II
Nomad II

First off this could become a very great experience. Seeing how you did not put down anytime frame for your trip, to me it means you are wide open for start and length. Theres alot of great country between Florida and Grand Canyon. A lot of different ways to go from A to B. 

I would plan on traveling not more than 5 hrs per day. For me I like to take my time enjoy the drive. I also like to stop at RV parks for the night instead of walmarts. If we do not support the little RV parks there will be a time they will all be gone. Remember the two spots, and others along the way are busy in summer. 

Anyway I think you will get more trip specific help if you give some idea as to your route. 


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I did Grand Canyon a few years back in April about 2 weeks after Easter and it was fantastic weather and not too crowded. We didn't camp. 

Start your research at the National Park  website. Lots of information and they keep it up-to-date.


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