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*~Posting suggestions from the Moderator~*

Welcome to the Open Roads Forum.

The first step in obtaining information on a specific Campground, Resort or Destination should begin with a Search. The Search function is found in the upper left of your screen. Type in the location name and read through the threads. Your question may be answered there.

If not, following is a list of suggestions for constructing a post that perhaps will have the best opportunity for eliciting quality responses:

1. Make the Topic name as specific as possible. What are you looking for and where is the location?
2. When asking for campground suggestions, list what is most important for you -- the facilities, the views, the activities, etc. Do you need hookups or an extra long pull-through? Do you require Internet access?
3. List what activities your family likes such as hiking, fishing, shopping, or visiting attractions in the area. On the other hand, perhaps you are just looking for a place to stay for the night. If you have special situations such as pets, let that be known.
4. The approximate date of the proposed trip is helpful since the availability of campgrounds and attractions is often dictated by the seasonal conditions and/or local events in different parts of the country.

Here’s wishing each of you a year full of great camping experiences.


Moderator of Campgrounds, Resorts and Attractions.
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I agree about RV Park Reviews. You can read reviews by campers that actually stayed at the CG in question. And its free. Each CG listing starts with what amenities are available and what the reviewer paid, along with a grade from 1 to 10.
That's how I found Grizzly RV Park in West Yellowstone, MT. Its about 3 blocks from the west gate of YNP, has grocery stores that compete, the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center (private with an admission fee), but about as close to either animal as you'd want to be.
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I see at the start where you suggest people do a search. That is a very good idea. Equally good, would be to do a search on Normally, I find my best information on this site. I can search by state, city, and nearby locations. I would recommend to everyone to look at this site before posting a message asking for information.
John & Evelyn
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I like the idea of splitting up the topic by state as well. I am only interested in 2 states... for now at least!
Happy camping everyone!
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I third NADS suggestion. It would be nice if the CG requests and information was separated into categories by state.
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I second NADS suggestion. It would be nice if the CG requests and information was separated into categories by state.


Levi Garrett State Park, KY

Here is a recent thread on the subject of dividing this forum into different regions:

2009 Tiffin Allegro Bus 43QBP

Great idea on organizing by state!

Id like to see this forum split into Private Campgrounds and State/County/Federal/etc campgrounds. Just an idea.

Here's a suggestion FOR the Moderator --

It would be a great blessing if you split this forum into two or more forums. It has just gotten too big.

How about splitting into East and West of the Mississippi?

Explorer need to develop a web-based database that allows RV parks with an authorized ID and login. To update their parks information,

This same database would also allow members to add their comments to each one of these RV parks. Also should have some type of rating system.
This database should be allowed for members only after they login, to run different queries. With advanced lookups, like by state, city, full lookups, WiFi, and etc.

The comments section would be a self monitoring system to make sure the RV parks only put accurate information.
Those RV parks that did not play by the rules would be placed in a non-active
Until they complied. would have no liability in this list, as it would only be provided for member’s convenience.
I'm sure there's a lot of other ideas you could incorporate in this database that this would be a good simple start

Mary & Reg

I agree with the Admiral! Old slow equipment. Don't need the flashy stuff. I once suggested a seperate place for people to show off their computer and cartoon skills. Then I found and checked the box to make em all go away.
Cheers for Moderator!

Hi, New to this list and I'm looking for a nice park to stay at in New Orleans in a few weeks. I would like to stay as close to down town as possible but I want a nice park as well. Ideas ?? Thanks Chuck
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One quick suggestion that I realize is a very large undertaking. This forum has a tremendous amount of good information abet it is hard to find exactly what you are looking for at times. Could this forum be broken down by CG’s in either state or region ? It would make it a much more user-friendly data repository.

Thanks and keep up the great work.
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