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Salisbury State Reservation Campground Upgrades

We drive through the SSRC fairly regularly during the off-season as it's a great place for bird photography and not far from Tully's favorite beach-Hampton, NH. They have been working on the campground all winter so I looked up what was being done. They are improving the water system, cleaning up the campground in general and converting 25 existing sites to ADA approved sites. One thing they are doing that I'm not sure is an improvement is they are removing the concrete picnic table pads and replacing them with sand although this could just be due to age. Each site will still have water & electric and it appears they are also upgrading the dump station. There are two group areas, one with services, one without. It's a beautiful park with some great amenities and in good location for visiting not only the north shore of MA but also the coastal areas of NH. Portsmouth, NH is only an hour or so away and if traffic cooperates it's less than an hour to Boston.

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