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The Ark

Explorer II
Explorer II
We are thinking about going to see The Ark in Williamstown KY. For those that have been there, where should we look to camp at, and how much time should we allow for the visit?
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Explorer II
Explorer II
Campinghoss@51 wrote:
Second one for Whispering Hill It is a nice cg and only a short drive up to the Ark.

Third on Whispering Hills.

Explorer II
Explorer II
Second one for Whispering Hill. It is a nice cg and only a short drive up to the Ark.
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I had planned a visit this week, but I found that the parking is all remote with a shuttle. I have a dog and while I do have a generator that would keep him cool, I didn't want him that far away from me. When I do that, I usually go back periodically and check on him and the coach. And the rules say you cannot leave animals in the parking lot. They give some businesses on their website, but one is a groomer and I'm thinking you would have to make those reservations early.

So I passed for now. I wish they had a closer parking lot where people could check on their pets.

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We stayed at Whispering Hills RV in Georgetown, KY. It is about a 20 minute ride to the Ark, right down the highway. It was a much nicer campground than the ones that were a little closer to the exhibit.
There is a WMA right next door with hiking trails, and a great BBQ joint just down the street called, Babe's BBQ.

RVParky shows 2 north of Williamstown, Camper Village RV Park and Northern Kentucky RV park. As far as how much time to spend at the Ark I would say a good 3 to 4 hours and it could be more if you take in everything. I found our trip there to be quite enjoyable and we spent 4 hours including lunch. The structure itself is impressive. One building wasn't open yet when we were there and I guess it was going to be a show of some type. We stayed in a motel though and didn't camp so I can't tell you anything about the campgrounds.