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Suggestion for Layout

Hi!I am one that is not thrilled with the new layout, though I do understand the necessity for updating and appreciate the work that has been and is being done to keep the information on this site available.  Thank you!My main gripe with the new foru...

Who designed this?

Whoever they were had plenty of time to design a site and this is what they came up with?! The old was well laid out and very easy to navigate.This one is poorly laid out, can’t find anything, and not very intuitive. with the other RV forums a...

Moparguy by Explorer II
  • 7 replies

Another Search Method for old post

Another quick and easy method for finding old RV.Net topic/subject post is to use google search such as this  for example typing in G search box Solar Generator RV.NET and woola many old post about the generator will appear at top of G search results...

2014 dodge ram perkins (1).jpg CWO Bill Perkins with 507th Dustoff hoist helicopter.jpg 4 - Copy - Copy (2).jpg


Could not login with my YC 1 profile. The space has left me out of the new forum.I finally gave up and set up a new profile. I know things are tough when in transition but someone must have known that old old users like me might have spaces in their ...

YC1 by Explorer
  • 19 replies

Resolved! What happened to our

Wow! As one of the original members from the mid 2000's I intensely hate this change. The change I assume is to meet vision impaired government mandated viewing legislation requirements. I was logged in not long ago and so no notice of this wholesale...

gitane59 by Explorer III
  • 6 replies

20 Years ago today I joined the forum

It was on December 3, 2003 I was getting into what turned out to be a total rebuild of a rotten old 1981 Citation TT. I was struggling to remove the toilet flange from the floor and tried searching the internet for a solution. I came across RV.Net an...

Old system to new

Is the olde system ever going to get old system information into new?Been on old Forums for many years and nothing transferred.

Login using rv net user button

so before I got my old username fixed and sorted out I was using a alrenate name through the good same long in and it gave me the ability to remember my name and password and log me in as soon as I click on it.   this doesnt happe through the rv net ...

Resolved! Edit a post

How do I edit a post? After I commented on a post and posted it, I  wanted to go back, after it was posted, and edit it to make it clearer. I can’t find any ability to do that.

New Forum layout

Been a few weeks...wowNavigating new forum not fun. Looked up old TCU thread. Found it but-

AnEv942 by Explorer II
  • 2 replies

Resolved! How to reply to a reply

I can not find out how to quote a reply when I reply to a reply.  Moreover, my reply does not show up below the reply that I am replying to.  So the reader does not know what my reply is all about.

TenOC by Traveler
  • 8 replies

Awful website - hate it.....

Have been on for 18 years.  Site was well laid out and easy to use - had some foibles, but nothing major.   This 'improvement' is diabolical.  Can't navigate very well, groups missing, no way to just have groups you have subscribed to be the o...

Martyn by Traveler
  • 6 replies