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how do we get our account back

It seems in somebody's wisdom they decided to use your original email address to migrate your account login for a password change.  I would hazard to guess that a lot of people who have had their login for over 10 years don't have the same email prov...

Help improve Good Sam Community!

Hi there, My name is Patty, I’m Good Sam’s UX Researcher and a new member of the Community forum. I am working with the Good Sam Community team to learn about how we can improve our site. We recently reached out to a few members about meeting with ou...

pvazquez by Community Manager
  • 10 replies

Ripped off in the valley

I paid for my Good Sam Roadside Assistance and less than a week later I totaled my car. I told them on the phone that my brother is a certified mechanic and he does all of my repairs. Well he did until he died unexpectedly two months ago. RIP. They d...


I was trying to send a Msg to @evanseegmiller and it wouldnt let me send because of a formating issue, then when I fixed it and clicked send it said I had reached the limit for my messages, but I hadn't sent any.. is this a bug that needs to be fixed...

Wildsam magazine

I do not like the new Wildsam magazine.  If I wanted another travel magazine I would like it.  I want a magazine about RV's. I like seeing peoples comments and questions which seem to be missing also.

Good Sam products are JUNK!!

I bought my first camper about 7 months ago after years of searching for just the right one. I had been warned by hundreds of friends, no exaggeration, not to buy from CW and definitely DO NOT use any Good Sam products! Well, I like to make my own de...

Forum Ranking

I have not seen any movement at all in my ranking over the past month. Is it just me, or is there a coding error causing a problem?Just wondering. 

Denied Good Sam discount

Howdy fellow campers. Just want to make you aware that while camping at Manor RV campground in Estes Park you may not get a good Sam discount even though they advertised as a good Sam campground. I booked online but there was NO spot to   Note  my Go...

Service Quality

So, if you are reading this, it kind of means you bought into the entire “GoodSam” community BS!  So sorry. I was lead on by GS for days in a row hours each day for help - to absolutely no avail.  I am extremely troubled by their lack of any type of ...

Ywelch by Explorer
  • 1 replies


Are any forum members checking posts or replies in the "3.0 Update section of the forum?I have posted there a few times, and no one has ever replied.   

Changes coming?

After much initial hype we were told there are great changes coming. WHERE ARE THEY?

QCMan by Nomad III
  • 4 replies