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Well, here I have arrived into the new format. Got an email it was coming as I'm sure most of you did.

Had to log back in, OK no problem. I am a few weeks short of 20 years on RV.Net. I set a password in December of 2003 and haven't changed it since. Took me about 8 tries but I finally remembered what I used in 2003. Good! Better write it down somewhere so in another 20 years I'll have it - HaHa!

I see all the stuff I had is gone. Subscriptions to threads, all PM's, other stuff has poof - vanished. Oh well, probably needed a good purge anyways.

And I further see that the forums lineup as I remember it has drastically changed. TC's in with TT's? Huh? Haven't explored too far but I suppose I'll get the hang of it eventually.

And whats this Explorer thing?


Anyways, hello to all my old friends here, those of you who have made the transition.

I wonder how I follow a thread....😁

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