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not a person who hates change but.....

Explorer III
Explorer III

This new format is awful. Quite a shock when I logged in today.  Yesterday I was and today this. 

2016 F 350 FX4 4WD,Lariat, 6.7 Diesel
41' 2018 Sandpiper 369 SAQB
Lovely wife and three children


I agree.  One has to go thru all the posts to see conversations,  groups are comingled  ie truck campers lumped with travel trailers,  routes lumped with campgrounds, etc.  Older conversations which have not had recent replys are intermingled with active ones.  The whole thing is  very bulky.

Hi @prichardson,

We have moved created a truck camper group here and we are migrating the truck camper posts into that group. We are looking at routes being lumped into campgrounds to see if we can make a meaningful change. Is there any other feedback that you have that we can address?

We appreciate your patience as we move to a new community that provides us with a lot of flexibility to make changes and support you. We hope to make you happy as we continue to improve.