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97 Bounder battery draining


1997 Fleetwood bounder, just installed 2 new batteries, after only 1 day my dash indicator shows low battery again. I live in the RV full time. Prior to purchasing new batteries, intermittently when I would go to start the engine nothing would happen at all. After messing with/wiggling terminals the engine would start but indicate low battery on dash. Terminals are tight and I recently cleaned them but a few months back had another camper cut back the corrosion on one terminal. Could the corrosion be further down the line causing the batteries to not show good charge?

Also, back around same time I noticed converter was making a sound. One of the repair guys I had out stated that it’s probably just the fan going out on converter. And the ECC box makes “cracking “ noise. which I just unplugged converter, not using AC unit to see if battery continues to drain. But I always maintain battery disconnect in “off” position. 
and nvr use the lights that work with converter. 
Any thoughts as to what would be causing my batteries to drain?? Plz 🤷‍♀️



First of all, I can’t discern what you are talking about. I don’t know if you’re talking about the house battery or the starting battery (or both). One is recharged by the converter, the other is recharged by the engine while running (depending on the configuration of varies switches/relays). So I don’t know if I should direct you towards the alternator or the converter. But you could help yourself in diagnosing the problem(s) by testing the output voltage and amps of the alternator and converter with a test meter put directly on the output terminals of both (and the input terminals of the converter).