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Holding off on buying a new RV

Explorer III
Explorer III

I am holding off on buying a new RV due to all of the frame issues. Even if the manufacturer agrees to fix it, then you are still out of your RV for weeks or months. I see no reason to buy a new unit and have issues.

GD finally agreed to go back and offer warranties 5 years back but that was after they had  made people sign non disclosure agreements- which was pretty crappy in my mind.

Sure only a small percentage of RV's have issue but without a doubt I will not buy a Solitude, Momentum or any other heavy unit from other brands that utilizes the Lippert frame. 

Not sure what stupid engineer came up with the idea that you are supposed to use some lag bolts to help hold your camper together?? maybe build the frame stronger like on a gooseneck trailer???????????

2020 Ford 350 6.7 PSD & 2017 F150 3.5 EB max tow
GD Reflection 29rs