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Propane tanks 10 years old, what is best choice ???

Explorer II
Explorer II
Hi, My propane tanks on 5er are 10 years old, do I leave them as is, replace them, recertify them or what, not sure, not having any problems with them, where we go camping often they never check the date on them as they refill them, not even a scratch on the paint any input would be appreciated. Thanks

some/most propane sellers/fillers, will not worry about any cert if they look good and you state buying fuel for welding reasons. no rv or dot transport laws here.
but to do this do not go to a rv place. just a simple gas station, were the "kid" just does not care or is too busy.
but might be worth the little cost to get inspected. if a fail, take your fuel money elsewhere. as said a propane dealer might just do the cert if buying fill ups on two or three tanks.
my tanks new in? (two of them) 2000 or 2001, rv new in 2001. a third? as to year? but is years newer.
i have three rv tanks, (rv only holds two at a time).
must have 4-5 of the "b-b-q sized tanks.
and one little "special" unit.
i bought decades back to put in my jeep to go for a weekend of 4-wheeling. holds far more than the cheap throw away green tanks. but not as bulky as the b-b-q sized tanks. cost more than a b-b-q tank, but paid it way.

watch out on the exchange tanks, as some times they are only filled up to 3/4 - 5/8 full, but you pay for a full tank.
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Explorer II
The TC uses these horizontal 20 lb tanks, so it's a lot cheaper to have them recertified than buy new ones.

Over in NJ the cost to recertification is high, at least by me. So it would be cheaper to get new 30 lb tanks. Next time i go through PA i will get them , much cheaper then costco. And they come full for like 30 bucks cheaper. At least qhen i checked a few months ago. Mine are almost at the 10 year mark. I dont use them much. I dont use the heater or stove inside the TT, just the fridge and to preheat the water. I cook on a seprate 20 lb tank.
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Explorer II
Thanks to all who replied, tanks are on my 5er, will take them in to be recertified at the correct time.

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Explorer II
Old-Biscuit wrote:
Visual Inspection good for 5 yrs then repeat again and again and again

1. Damage to the cylinder’s exterior including dents; bulges; cuts; or cracks on the cylinder’s surface,
or to welds; and any evidence of physical abuse; fire; or heat damage.
2. Detrimental rust, corrosion, or pitting on the cylinder, particularly on the bottom.
3. Absence of/damage to a cylinder footring, cylinder neckring (collar), or valve cover.
4. A leaking or defective valve or leaking or defective pressure relief device.

Thanks for info, tanks are on my 5er, not even a scratch on the paint, will take them in to be recertified.

Cheaper then buying NEW Cylinders
Depending on State/Location recert could be $7 up to $35 (rip off)

Check your local area for a BULK Propane Vendor (Suburban, Ferrellgas, Amerigas etc) Tractor Supply may do it also

Recert requirement WAS 12 yrs after date of MFG....legislation was passed/post-poned to change that to 10 yrs after MFG date
Many places use the 10 yr requirement

"Propane tanks are good for 12 years from date of first certification (aka manufacture) then must be re-certified every 5 years." - This is correct information.

I just had both tanks from our fiver re-certified at a local propane distributor in Englewood, FL for $5 each - now good for 5 more years.
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I have heard an ad on local radio station for the ag co-op in town that says they exchange all size tanks including 30lb bottles. So there are places out there that do exchange other sizes than just grill tanks.

Propane tanks are good for 12 years from date of first certification (aka manufacture) then must be re-certified every 5 years.

If you have the standard 20# gas grill size then just exchange them. If you have the 30# size then I'm not aware of an exchange program for them so likely you'll have to get them re-certified or buy new ones. Recertification is like $10-$12.
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Explorer II
If you are a fulltimer or a long tripper the biggest problem is finding a place that recertifies. How much, if anything, is another matter.

Had one done in Canada where the charge was nominal along with the refill. Had another done in the US where I almost might as well have bought a new cylinder.

The usual goto place is Tractor Supply. Yes, they check most of the time but I know they have propane & they are usually easy access.
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I have two 20# tanks (21 years old) for the patio here at home and two 30# tanks (23 years old) in my '97 5er. The home is on propane so my bulk dealer refills every thing. All tanks were refitted with the new valves and recert at no cost to me.
I had a 20# tank from my 1972 9' 6" truck camper that was blown away in a '75 tornado. Never found a second tank. I used the tank till 2015 when propane dealer said too much rust showing around one spot on the side caused in the tornado.

My neighbor refills from their 500 gallon LP tank for their 40' LEQ trailer.
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gbopp wrote:
agesilaus wrote:
Where I worked we had gas cylinders dating back to WWI, yes one. Re-certified every 10 years and in fine shape.

I wonder if the tanks built today will last that long :@

Quite likely, yes.

Propane (and other hazardous materials) cylinders are built to USDOT standards. Wall thickness and material are specified and the tanks have to pass pressure tests. So the tanks are all pretty much the same. The only really variable thing is the quality of the paint coating.
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time2roll wrote:
If you can get an easy and cheep re-certification that is fine. I just bought new 30# cylinders from to be done with it.

I bought 2 new ones from Costco as well. The price difference between new from there and recertifications was minimal and less hassle.
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agesilaus wrote:
I have never seen an exchange program for any tanks but 20#cylinders. And yes for 20# I just exchange it. My 30# cylinders got recertified. I see a 30# cylinder is $65 on Amazon, I'd expect recert price to be more like $10.

Exchange typically only gives you 15 lbs of propane.